Public Participation Overview

Three public forums and a public hearing will be conducted at key points throughout this project. Each forum is anticipated to begin with an informal open house session. During the open house component, Project Team members will be available to talk with the public in a one-on-one, informal atmosphere. Following each open house session, a formal presentation and/or workshop activity will be conducted. Each of the workshops may also be supplemented by online access where participants can submit comments and questions through the internet.

Public Forum # 1.  The first public forum will introduce the JLUS project and its participants.  The JLUS team explains the purpose and function of the JLUS, provides an overview of the military operations at NSA Crane, introduces project participants, and shares the JLUS approach and goals. The format of this meeting includes a presentation followed by an interactive working session where attendees are invited and encouraged to share their input on potential JLUS issues using an interactive audience response system that displays real time results. The JLUS Overview / Compatibility Factors fact sheet are also distributed for use in completing the exercise.

Public Forum # 2.  The second forum presents the draft compatibility findings, providing an overview of future trends (community growth trends, foreseeable military operations), and review of preliminary implementation actions and compatibility planning tools. The working session component provides input on the priority level of issues identified in the earlier forum and by the PC and TWG. The public is invited to provide additional issues that they felt were not captured through previous meetings.

Public Forum # 3.  The third public forum presents preliminary compatibility analysis and issues and a review of the preliminary recommendations and implementation plan. The JLUS Strategy Toolbox brochure is distributed at this public forum and made available for download from the project website for the public’s information. The purpose of this meeting is to solicit and receive input on the preliminary findings prior to the release of the Draft JLUS, which will also be on the project website. The public and interested stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback through direct contact with the JLUS team, through hand written comments cards, and through the project website.

Public Hearing.  The final public hearings are held within the confines of a special session public hearing with the governing bodies of each participating jurisdiction. At these meetings, the Final JLUS report is presented after a public comment period where comments have been addressed by the TWG. The presentation revisits the overall JLUS methodology, including the identification of issues and strategies, provides an overview of public comments received, and addresses the revisions incorporated within the Final JLUS.

As workshop dates and locations are set, links to the agendas and meeting materials will be posted on this page.  As the project progresses, materials from previous meetings will be posted here for easy access and remain here for the duration of the project.